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The full featured CheckEze® 201 does it all at a low price.


    CheckEze Self-Check System

CheckEze 201 Self-Check System
Product Specifications

  • An economical self-checkout system for any size library.
  • Fully upgradeable
  • Add RFID easily, by just plugging in the optional antenna!
  • Tiny footprint. Computer/Touchscreen sits in about a 10" sq. area.
  • Sits on your counter top. Computer can go beneath if preferred.
  • Scanners: Choose the sensitive LS4208 or omni directional LS9208. Or use your own scanner to save $$$.
  • Includes durable Touch Screen Monitor, Receipt printer, and ultra small Windows 7 computer.
  • SIP2 compatible and works with most library systems.
  • Multiple languages included at no extra cost, text/audio in all languages is fully customizable.
  • Uses verbal instructions (or turn off for a more quiet library)
  • Computer automatically starts and shuts down at library opening and closing hours

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