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Scan 'n' Print Barcode Duplicator and Maker

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All your labeling needs in one location.

Scan 'n' Print
cuts your labeling time by putting all of these functions in one location, making your labeling tasks a breeze.

The system comes pre-programmed with your library name and other specified information, and ready to use. Does not require connection to a PC or any other device. It works out of the box.

The Smart Scan 'n' Print, all your labeling needs in one location
We received our duplicator last week (Dec 2013) & have been giving it a work out. We love it! Set up was a breeze. Thanks very much for putting it all together for us. - Maureen Durnell, San Anselmo Library, San Anselmo, CA.

The value added Scan 'n' Print is self-contained, easy to use, and is recommended for self-check conversions.
The state-of-the-art printer has large capacity memory and will print any style of label. The scanner makes duplication easy.

Basic System $995 Includes:

  • Programmable Printer TSC TTP-247 pre-programmed for your library.
  • High performance Motorola (Symbol) LS4208 Laser barcode scanner
  • iimak "Clean Start"TM Resin. Maximizes printer life.
    (prints about 14000 labels)
  • 2000 rectangular or 1000 circular labels, please specify.

Smart Keyboard:

  • Keyboard with 2 line LCD Display......
    • Allows entering custom barcodes
    • Used to select type of label
    • Enter unscannable barcodes

Label Refills:

  • 2 inch wide x 3/4 inch roll of 2000....$23
  • CD/DCD Circle labels roll of 1000 (fits hub).....$22
    • All labels made of highest quality glossy polyester, resists damage from water, oil, fading or tearing.
  • Ribbon, black resin, head cleaning.....$20
  • 1 ribbon prints 7 rolls of circles or 6 rolls of rectangles.
  • Free samples available on upon request.


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Smart Scan 'n' Print Label System